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ZOLL® AED Pro® Retail Price: $3,595.00 Our Price: $2,895.00

ZOLL Medical Defibrillators & AEDs

Successful sudden cardiac arrest rescues require quick, accurate responses. ZOLL automated external defibrillators, including the AED Plus and AED Pro units, are known in the defibrillator industry for their user-friendly, creative approach to design which eases the rescue process.

A favorite among schools, offices, and police departments, ZOLL Medical AED Plus units with REAL CPR Help® provides real-time chest compression feedback to help you properly perform CPR. The AED Plus also visually and audibly renders each step of the rescue process. This makes ZOLL defibrillators well suited for bystanders who have never used an AED!

ZOLL defibrillator electrode pad placement is also simple with the one-piece CPR-D Padz. These electrode pads last for an astounding five years and feature a CPR puck to advise on compression depth and rate. Inexpensive consumer lithium batteries can also be used in ZOLL AED Plus units.

Founded by Dr. Paul Zoll, a former Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School and pioneer of the first uses of external defibrillation and cardiac pacing, ZOLL Medical has long been an innovator in the field of resuscitation. Their advanced devices are used extensively within EMS and in hospitals. ZOLL's AED products are popular with lay rescuers and medical professionals alike, with unique features not found on other comparable devices.

The AED Superstore offers the best service, support, and largest selection of AED models for sale available anywhere! We're owned and operated by EMS professionals who continue to use automated external defibrillators in the field. You can count on us to help you make the right decision for your AED program!