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ZOLL AED Pro w/Included Items, Semi-Automatic, (2) Stat-Padz II
  • ZOLL AED Pro w/Included Items, Semi-Automatic, (2) Stat-Padz II
  • ZOLL AED Pro Front View
  • ZOLL AED Pro Back View
  • ZOLL AED Pro, Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Batteries
  • ZOLL AED Pro Bottom View
  • ZOLL AED Pro Top View
  • ZOLL AED Pro Left Side
  • ZOLL AED Pro Right Side
  • ZOLL AED Pro w/Included Items, Semi-Automatic, (1) CPR-D Padz



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AED Superstore® is the only factory-authorized online source for the most rugged and flexible AED available! The ZOLL® AED Pro® is designed to handle the toughest extremes of the Emergency Medical Service but is "gentle" enough to handle everyday life at the office, too.


  • Rugged
    • Made of Polycarbonate Siloxane (the same material professional football helmets are made of)
    • Resistant to dust and high pressure, direct water spray (IP55 rating)
  • High-resolution LCD display
    • Ideal for monitoring via ECG cable
    • Shows heart rate, shocks delivered, and CPR compression depth
  • Flexible
    • Can use ZOLL's popular one piece CPR-D•padz™ electrodes
      • Fast, accurate placement
      • CPR feedback on rate and depth
    • Can use traditional 2-piece ZOLL® stat•padz™ II
  • Simple data transfer
    • USB memory technology for unlimited data storage capacity
    • Easily move data from AED Pro to PC via USB flash memory
  • 5-year warranty
  • Rugged soft carry case


  • Semi-automatic
  • Semi-automatic with manual override
    • Medical professionals can deliver treatment on demand
    • Affordable alternative to expensive manual monitor/defibrillators
  • Rechargeable Battery*
    • Greater capacity
    • Longer run times
  • ECG cable
*See our Resource Center article on Rechargeable vs Non-Rechargeable Batteries for more information.

Professional Review:
The ZOLL AED Pro builds on the impressive Plus platform, but adds features needed by trained professionals. The Pro is ideal for monitoring via ECG cable and showing heart rate, shocks delivered, and CPR compression depth. In order to provide quality CPR, the Pro provides feedback to both professionals and lay rescuers with the CPR Help feature. The AED is available as semi-automatic or fully automatic with manual override for ALS professionals. If you’ve used ZOLL devices on an ambulance or in a hospital, you will definitely appreciate the breadth of features and functionality on this device!
Reviewed by: Mike Carlin EMT

Alternate Part Number(s): 90110940499991010, 90110540499991010, 90110840499991010, 90110340499991010, 90110920499991010, 90110520499991010, 90110820499991010, 90110320499991010, 6515-01-568-3799

What's Included:

  • ZOLL AED Pro with 5-Year Warranty
  • One-piece CPR-D•padz or 2 Sets of stat•padz II
  • Non-Rechargeable or Rechargeable Battery
  • Rugged Soft Carry Case
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Is the ZOLL AED Pro for professional use only?

The ZOLL AED Pro is designed to be accessible for use by any rescuer, but it is equipped with professional-level features like monitoring heart rate, compression depth, and ECG compatibility, which may not be utilized by lay rescuers without medical training. These advanced features are particularly beneficial for medical professionals.

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