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  • Act+Fast Medical Act+Fast Medical
    Abdominal Thrust (Heimlich) Maneuver Training Products.
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  • Ambu Ambu
    Look - Listen - Feel. Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard. Ambu® CPR manikins are a great option for health professionals instructing on CPR.
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  • Laerdal Medical Laerdal Medical
    The industry standard for over 60 years, Laerdal makes training manikins known for their true-to-life feel and appearance.
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  • Life/form Life/form
    The “Buddy” CPR training manikin line is a dramatic, inexpensive, and quality training product line for teaching effective life-saving CPR skills.
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  • Nasco Nasco
    The Nasco simulator line is a dramatic, inexpensive, and quality CPR dummy for teaching effective care and life-saving skills.
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  • Prestan Products Prestan Products
    These are not your average CPR dummies. Prestan’s economical manikins have the option of
    CPR Monitoring!
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  • Ruth Lee Ruth Lee
    High quality CPR rescue manikins from Ruth Lee. Widely recognized as the industry leader.
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  • Simulaids Simulaids
    By customer demand. These quality products designed to exacting standards. Developed for ease-of-use, low maintenance, and durability.
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