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Keeping your AED in compliance with your state’s Good Samaritan laws, and making sure your AED is in good working order, should be a priority. Unfortunately, regular checks can sometimes be overlooked. If your AED is not checked regularly or is checked incorrectly, the result could be the loss of life during a sudden cardiac arrest event.
AEDStatus is a simple remote monitoring system that can be used with most AEDs*. It works directly with ArchTM Program Management software, so regular checks are done automatically, giving you peace of mind all the AEDs you are responsible for will always be ready in a rescue scenario. The best part is there is no complicated device connection to a secured Wi-Fi network, and it works with all metal AED cabinets.
*AEDStatus device does not support any LIFEPAK AEDs including the Express, CR Plus, CR2, and 1000.
How it works:
All AEDs perform self-checks at regular intervals. The AEDStatus device is able to read the electromagnetic signal produced by your AED when those checks occur. The results are sent to Arch’s servers using an LTE-M cellular signal, and your Arch account is updated automatically.
Why Choose AED Status:
  • Uses your existing AED
  • Can be used with all metal cabinets
  • Device lasts for up to 7 years
  • Plug-and-play technology which works almost anywhere, including large office buildings and even remote areas
  • 2 year warranty
  • Device is self-managing
Quick Implementation
  • Simply place the battery in the device and set the AEDStatus sensor mat next to your AED in the cabinet as instructed
Getting Started:
Once you place the sensor mat next to your existing AED in a metal AED cabinet, all you need to complete your setup is a subscription to Arch Medical Direction and Program Management. To learn more about Arch, visit our website here.
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