M5070A Philips HeartStart 4-Year Battery

Part #: M5070A
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M5070A Philips HeartStart 4-Year Battery
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Philips HeartStart AED Replacement Battery

The Philips HeartStart AED replacement battery, compatible with the Philips HeartStart OnSite and Philips HeartStart FRx AED, is a powerful battery made from lithium manganese dioxide. This battery comes with a 4-year standby mode factory warranty and up to an approximately 200+ shock capacity in most cases, the same as your original Philips AED battery.

Philips HeartStart Battery Specifications

  • Made from lithium
  • Non-rechargeable
  • Part #: M5070A
  • Free shipping on online orders over $99+
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 4-year life in stand-by mode
  • Capability to provide up to a 200+ shock capacity in most cases
  • Alternate part #: 989803121381

How to Replace Your Philips HeartStart OnSite and FRx Battery

  1. Lay the AED face down
  2. Locate and lift tab to remove battery from compartment
  3. Insert new battery until you hear it click
  4. A self-test will automatically start
  5. When the self-test completes, check to be sure the status indicator is flashing green to verify your device is ready for rescue

Compatible Philips HeartStart AEDs

Alternate Part Number(s): 989803121381

Ordered this battery in May of 2022. It's now July of 2023, and the battery is dead, even though it's labeled to be good until December of 2027. This is not a fault of AEDSuperstore. Philips M5070A battery packs have this issue no matter where I buy them. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so overpriced. The battery pack is filled with CR123A batteries, which are fairly inexpensive. It's the packaging and brand name that costs you.
Reviewed by:  Robert Simmons from TULLAHOMA on 7/25/2023
I was able to easily place my order, and we received it within 10 days.
Reviewed by:  Joy Senasec from Lafayette on 12/21/2022
Faith Community Nurse
Very pleased with the service and my order came quickly.
Reviewed by:  Mary Main from Sonora on 11/28/2022
Good service.
Reviewed by:  Beath from Lincoln CA on 10/28/2022
I have not received this battery. It is on backorder.
Reviewed by:  Charles J. Longacre from Danielsville on 3/22/2022
Lab Tech.
Definitely an item you do not want to need and not have. Was told they were on a national backorder of 2-3 months, so was pleasantly surprised when I got them in 2 weeks.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Dupont Washington Works from Washington on 1/25/2022
Director Corporate Safety
We are very pleased with the Philips Heartstart AED battery replacement and the prompt service of AEDSuperstore.
Reviewed by:  Gary T Barger from Lenoir on 11/3/2021
M. D.
Perfect replacement, prompt delivery
Reviewed by:  Bruce M DiPlacido Sr. from Huntsville on 7/28/2021
Item came right when indicated, fit perfectly. All in all great service!
Reviewed by:  St. Charles School from Bloomington on 7/21/2021
This Battery is Long Lasting!
I have been tasked with maintaining our Phillips AED. The AED Superstore kindly sent me a reminder that our pads were due to expire in Feb 2017. While I was looking at the device, I thought it would be good to check the battery. It had expired in 2014, although the light was still blinking! Heaven forbid we have to use the AED and the battery fail after the first shock....truly a nightmare. I could not take any chances with someone's life and I ordered another battery, using our 10% off coupon. Items were shipped to the office and here faster than promised. I replaced the battery, pads and feel much better. This is a powerful battery and will last longer than the expiration date.
Reviewed by:  Leigh Ann from Atlanta, GA on 2/3/2017
Office Manager
Product is as expected, excellent price! Thank you
Reviewed by:  Traci from Nervo on 10/8/2015
Replacement AED Battery
Thanks! What I ordered! Quick delivery! Always have met my expectations!
Reviewed by:  Rick from MA on 9/30/2015
Very Happy
As always, you products are of very good quality. The batteries I ordered have a 4 year life and that helps with our bidget.
Reviewed by:  David from Prescott, Arizona on 9/8/2015
Administrative Secretary
Yes, the AED battery worked just great and was very easy to install. Thank you so much for always reminding me what is about to expire.
Reviewed by:  Ramona from Dalton, GA on 9/2/2015
Competitive & Easy Ordering Process
AED Superstore provides the best pricing for this product when I compared to competitors. I also appreciated the fact that this was new product as verified by the expiration date being 5.5 yrs from when I purchased it. Time will tell if it holds up that long. It's replacing a battery that "quit" on me early. Ordering process was pretty easy.
Reviewed by:  Mike from Durham, NC on 8/27/2015
Battery met expectations.
Reviewed by:  Ron from Broadview Heights, Ohio on 7/29/2015
AED Replacement Battery
Our AED started continuously beeping at work. I started checking and found out the battery had expired. I ordered the replacement battery as listed on the website from the AED Superstore. It arrived in the time frame as expected and it stopped the beeping. This is a great company for anything we've needed in the way of medical equipment or supplies. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  Peggy from Texas on 7/21/2015
The batteries came quickly, and replaced batteries of excellent quality, lasting five years of their rated four.
Reviewed by:  Stephen from DC on 5/28/2015
Office Manager
Product was delivered prompt and in good shape.
Reviewed by:  Kelly from Stillwater, MN on 4/30/2015
Battery needed replaced....
The battery needed to be replaced and it's wonderful the machine lets you know. We replaced several items because of the alert to the expired battery. Received all items in a timely manner.
Reviewed by:  Tami from Phoenix, AZ on 4/29/2015
Director of Health Services
Very quick service!!!
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  diane stephenson from lincoln, IL on 4/20/2015
Got to have one
We live in the woods miles from town and even further from a hospital.Our defibulator is a must have item.Hopefully it will never be used, but we keep it current and on hand.It is no good without a good battery.
Reviewed by:  Greg from Wisconsin on 3/11/2015
Great Service and Prompt Delivery
I have been very pleased with my dealings with AED Superstore. Their online store is user friendly, has everything that our facility needs for AED machines, and their service and delivery speed impress me every time.
Reviewed by:  Josh from Duluth, MN on 3/2/2015
AED battery
prompt service, brand product
Reviewed by:  M from Goldberg on 1/16/2015
Replacement of long-lasting battery
The original battery in our Philips AED lasted a lot longer than we expected. The new one slipped right in. We expect it to perform like the original one.
Reviewed by:  John from Monument, CO on 8/14/2014
It was fine.
It was fine.
Reviewed by:  Justin Kantor from Monterey California on 6/25/2014

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