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As the world’s largest distributor of AED Machines, we have a full selection of AEDs for sale from top manufacturers. Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality AEDs on the market - quickly and professionally. Check out our guide on how to buy an AED!

    Cardiac Science manufactures the Powerheart® line of AEDs, including the Powerheart AED G3 Plus, Powerheart AED G3 Pro, and the new Powerheart AED G5.

    Defibtech manufactures the award-winning Lifeline™ and also the Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO AEDs which feature a full-color LCD screen.

    HeartSine™ is the maker of the samaritan® PAD 350P, 360P, and 450P models, the smallest and lightest AEDs on the market.

    Philips has the largest number of installed AEDs worldwide, and has three HeartStart® AEDs currently on the market: the OnSite, the FRx, and the FR3.

    ZOLL® Medical manufactures the AED Plus® and the AED Pro®, both with Real CPR Help®, their live CPR feedback feature.
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