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Mission & Vision

Mission: AED Superstore’s mission is simple: to increase the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by increasing the number of automated external defibrillator (AED) devices available to the general public, and increasing the awareness of the importance of these devices to survival.

Vision: We envision every community with not only the awareness of how to treat sudden cardiac arrest, but the knowledge to use the means available to save more lives. By continuing to invest in the latest AED technology on the market, and introduce it to our current and potential customers, we will stay on the cutting edge of life-saving technology.

An expanding product line includes items which will help both professional and non-professional first responders more effectively assist those in need. Using input from our team and suggestions from our customers, we will continue to add products which are new, innovative and assist in saving lives.

Our Story

AED Superstore was founded in 2002 by two EMT’s frustrated there were not AEDs available to everyone who wanted or needed them. Only those with connections to large medical supply companies were able to purchase these critical life-saving devices. At first they started with one manufacturer and literally went door-to-door selling AEDs. Understanding the importance of an online presence, AEDSuperstore.com went online and quickly became the means for any business, school, public service or individual to install these devices and give those around them the best chance of survival in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. The line of AEDs offered went from one brand to include all six FDA-cleared manufacturers.

Since then, our company has expanded to carry CPR training materials and devices, manikins, rescue products and first aid kits. The acquisition of Annuvia in 2013 gave us the ability to help our customers maintain their devices and stay compliant with their state’s Good Samaritan laws as well. AED Superstore also offers CPR/AED training in all 50 states and the recent acquisition of a company which provides full AED program solutions gives us the opportunity to ensure our customers are well-equipped to handle all cardiac emergencies.

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Meet The Team

The culture at AED Superstore is very much a product of the people who make up our team. Living and working in Wisconsin produces the kind of employees any company would be proud to have on board, and ours go the extra mile to make sure every customer knows they are our most important customer. Each new employee undergoes extensive training not only on the products we sell, but also receives their CPR/AED certification, learns about all aspects of sudden cardiac arrest and its treatment, and how to best answer any question which may come their way.

In addition to the crew in Wisconsin, AED Superstore has a small workforce around the country to better serve our customers in the field.

Meet our excellent team of professionals:

Alicia Sanftleben - National Training Coordinator
Alicia National Training Coordinator
Allie Whitaker - Customer Care
Allie Customer Care
Amber Neller - Marketing Manager
Amber Marketing Manager
Amy Herring - Arch Product Manager & Senior Enterprise Project Manager
Amy Arch Product Manager &
Sr. Enterprise Project Manager
Andrew Mitchell - IT
Andrew IT
Bill Jelinek - Sales Development Representative
Bill Sales Development Representative
Blake Norris - Account Executive
Blake Account Executive
Bryan Jacquest - Customer Care
Bryan J. Customer Care
Bryan Rose - Customer Care
Bryan R. Customer Care
Candice Helgeson - Account Manager
Candice Account Manager
Cassie Weinstein - Customer Care
Cassie Customer Care
Cindy Dunbar - Director of Customer Care
Cindy D. Director of Customer Care
Cindy Ross - Controller
Cindy R. Controller
Danielle Kutschenreuter - Customer Care
Danielle Customer Care
Donna Willome -Senior Account Manager
Donna Senior Account Manager
Doug Wiesbrock - Customer Care Manager
Doug Customer Care Manager
Drew Die - Warehouse
Drew Warehouse
Eileen Swierczynski - Marketing Manager
Eileen Marketing Manager
Elmer Foley - Distribution Center Manager
Elmer Distribution Center Manager
Emilia Choate - Account Manager
Emilia Account Manager
Emily Trapp - Manager of Account Services
Emily Manager of Account Services
Erin Smith - Sales Operations Manager
Erin S. Sales Operations Manager
Ginna Dalton - Customer Care
Ginna D. Customer Care
Gena Borowczyk - Account Manager
Gena B. Account Manager
Jake Connors - Full Stack Developer
Jake C. Full Stack Developer
Jan Gerritsen - CTO
Jared Kassien - CIO
Jared CIO
Jenna Hunter - Account Manager
Jenna Account Manager
Jennifer Howard - Accounting
Jennifer Accounting
Jenny Quade - Accounting & Office Assistant
Jenny Accounting
John Zmek - Warehouse
John Z. Warehouse
Jon Dobbs - Co-Founder
Jon D. Co-Founder
Jon Stein - Graphic Designer
Jon S. Graphic Designer
Jon Warnock - Account Executive
Jon W. Account Executive
Jose Hernandez - Warehouse
Jose Warehouse
Kaley St Clair - Office Assistant
Kaley Office Assistant
Ken Raupach - Co-Founder
Ken Co-Founder
Lee Lindberg - IT
Lee IT
Arch Client Relations Specialist
Lisa Choinski - Arch Client Relations Specialist
Lisa Arch Client Relations Specialist
Mary Greenan - Warehouse
Mary Warehouse
Megan MacIntyre - Customer Care
Megan Customer Care
Melissa Marocco - Key Account Manager, Training Department
Melissa Key Account Manager,
Training Department
Mike Berg- CEO
Mike B. CEO
Mike Birt - VP of IT
Mike B. VP of IT
Mike Carlin - Manager, National Training and Implementation Services
Mike C. Manager, National Training &
Implementation Services
Mitch Meinhardt - Accountant
Mitch M. Accountant
Mitch Splinter - Front End Developer
Mitch S. Front End Developer
Morgan Finn - Customer Care
Morgan Customer Care
Nathan Roy - Customer Care
Nathan Customer Care
Patrick Quinn - Customer Care
Patrick Customer Care
Patti Rubo - Business Development
Patti Business Development
Peg House
Peg Warehouse
Ray Chalom - VP of Marketing
Ray VP of Marketing
Rob Beja - Warehouse
Rob Warehouse
Rorie Schmitz - Business Development
Rorie Business Development
Samantha Gillich - Customer Care
Samantha G. Customer Care
Samantha Rossier - Customer Care
Samantha R. Customer Care
Sara Henn - Customer Care Coordinator
Sara H. Customer Care Coordinator
Sara Olson - Business Development Team Leader
Sara O. Business Development
Team Leader
Scott Mullenberg - Sales Development Representative
Scott Sales Development Representative
Steve Emmel - Warehouse
Steve Warehouse
Sue Coates - Senior Account Manager
Sue Senior Account Manager
Tom Woller - Warehouse
Tom Warehouse
Tony Hagene - Inside Sales Manager
Tony Inside Sales Manager
Vanessa Tullberg - Customer Care
Vanessa Customer Care
Wes Setzer - Warehouse
Wes S. Warehouse
Wes Wagoner - Training Dept. Manager
Wes W. Training Dept. Manager
Will Foss - Customer Care
Will Customer Care
Will Warehouse
Will Warehouse
Will Warehouse

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