You wouldn't drive a car without insurance.
Why would you manage your AED without Arch?
Just like auto insurance, Arch exists to provide the support you need. When you need us, we are here for you.
Managing an AED seems simple, just pop in the battery, hang it on a wall, and you're done. Actually, there is a lot more to managing an AED to consider, including:
  • Developing a post AED usage plan, which includes - downloading the data from the AED, having a physician interpret the data and compile a report that needs to be submitted to required agencies.
  • Registering your AED with the required local agencies
  • Conducting regular inspections to ensure the AED functions properly
  • Having Medical Direction (for states that require it)
  • Replacing expiring parts
  • Efficiently managing multiple devices and trained CPR responders spread across multiple locations, all with different expiration dates.
When you factor everything involved in managing your AED, all of a sudden it doesn't seem all that simple. But it can be!
AED Management- Simplified
Arch is a web-based tool that is designed to streamline AED ownership and assist with compliance. It includes a lot of features and benefits, including the post-event AED usage plan which includes:
  • A free loaner AED while we download and interpret the data on your AED
  • Data review by our on-staff licensed Physician
  • A free set of electrode pads to replace the ones that were used
  • Submission of data reports to required agencies on your behalf
  • A copy of the data for your records
  • Free shipping of your AED and loaner AED
Other useful features and benefits include:
Here when you need us
Dedicated customer service line M-F, 7am - 7pm CST
Reminders to replace your expiring parts & check your device
Customizable email reminders to replace expiring batteries and pads and to check your email as required by manufacturer
Detailed emergency plan
Policy and procedures manual for your device
Simplified purchase process
Simplified reorder process for expiring batteries and pads
Track more than just your AED
Track Trained CPR Responder certifications
Manage your AED program more efficiently
Easily manage multiple devices, regardless of brand, location, parts, and warranty expiration dates
Create a tiered management system
Create a management hierarchy to meet any organization needs
Real-time Reporting
Get customizable reports to gain visibility into your program's performance on-demand or schedule them to be sent to you wherever you want.
Remote monitoring
Integration with all AEDs that have built-in remote monitoring functionality, in addition to 3rd party systems like AEDStatus.
Comply with Medical Direction Requirements
Medical Direction is required in more than one-third of states. If you live in one of the required states, legally you must have a medical director overseeing your program. We have you covered coast-to-coast.
No Program is too big or too small
Whether you own a single AED or you manage a program with thousands of AEDs, Arch will simplify managing your AED program, help you stay compliant and provide you with peace-of-mind so you can focus on everything else you need to get done.
The question is, can you afford to not have Arch?
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