Solaris Pulse Oximeter - Hand-Held

Part #: NT1 Our Price: $250.00

Solaris Pulse Oximeter - Hand-Held

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A high quality Pulse Oximeter by Solaris Medical Technology at an unbeatable price!

What's Included:

  • Solaris Medical Pulse Oximeter with Stand
  • Oximetry Adult Finger Sensor
  • 4 "AA" Size Alkaline Batteries
  • Owners Operation Manual
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty
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  • Overview
    The AED Superstore has Solaris NT1 and NT1A handheld pulse oximeters available! Both units are similar but the "A" model has alarms you can configure (alarm sound rated at 45db at 1 meter). 

    Both durable and compact, Solaris handheld pulse oximeters feature bright, easy-to-read large LED displays and can be used for spot checks or continuous monitoring. Sensors for adult and pediatric patients are avaialble, too. 

    The visual displays and indicators show SpO2%, pulse rate, pulse intensity, and low perfusion indicators. Audio indicators include sensor off, pulse beep, key presses, and low battery warnings. If you choose the NT1A model, you'll have alarms for high and low SpO2 and pulse rate (and you can adjust the limits), alarm silence intervals, low perfusion indicator, and sensor disconnect alarm. 

    Both the Solaris NT1 and NT1A handheld pulse oximeters operate on four standard "AA" batteries (included) with a capacity of about 12 hours. 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Select the model you want and order today!
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