Simulaids Sani CPR Family Pack

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Economy Adult/Child/Baby package with Carry Bag
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Simulaids Sani CPR Family Pack
Simulaids Sani CPR Family Pack

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This economical package of CPR manikins has been designed to stretch your training dollar. The Sani CPR Family Pack includes two Economy Adult Sani-Manikins, one Sani-Child, and one Sani-Baby manikin. With the easy-to-install airways, you can eliminate the need to clean the manikins between students. The manikins only need to be surface cleaned after each session. The foam filling offers resistance during the practice of chest compression and the head tilt/chin lift procedure, when done properly, opens the airway for ventilation. The Sani CPR Family Pack also includes a carry bag, 100 Adult Face Shield Lung Systems, 100 Child Face Shield Lung Systems, and 100 Baby Face Shield Lung Systems.

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