Recognizing Extraordinary Heroes: American Red Cross Lifesaving Awards

Have You Been CPR Trained Through Our American Red Cross Courses?

You can unlock the possibility of receiving an esteemed American Red Cross Lifesaving Award. If you've trained through American Red Cross from AEDSuperstore, it's time to ensure that you receive the well-deserved recognition you've earned.

Discover the American Red Cross Lifesaving Awards

The American Red Cross Lifesaving Awards program ensures that the courage and dedication of individuals are acknowledged and celebrated through three categories:

Certificate of Merit

  • This honor is for individuals who have successfully completed Red Cross training and for off-duty Professional Responders who have used their life-saving skills in an emergency situation.

Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders

  • This category recognizes the extraordinary efforts of Red Cross trained Professional Responders and Healthcare Professionals using their life-saving skills while on duty.

Certificate of Extraordinary Personal Action

  • This certificate celebrates the bravery and selflessness of ordinary citizens who have stepped up to save a life. These individuals have not taken a Red Cross training course.

How To Nominate an Individual or Team

Has someone you know shown exceptional resuscitation care within your organization? If the answer is yes, we invite you to consider nominating them for a prestigious Red Cross-National Lifesaving Award by clicking the link below.


You can nominate individuals for a wide range of life-saving skills, such as first aid, CPR, or using an AED, among others. Once you complete the online nomination, you'll be asked to provide details about the incident, gather necessary release forms from those involved, and complete any other additional paperwork required.

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