Philips Event Review PRO Software

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Philips Event Review PRO Software

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Used for defibrillator data management and reporting. Please note: Software UPGRADES are also available in dropdown choices.
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    NOTE: A 60-day trial of the Event Review Pro software may be downloaded directly from Philips by clicking here. When you purchase this item, no physical CD is included - you will receive a Proof of Purchase Certificate which will allow you to activate the downloaded software.

    HeartStart Event Review PRO Software provides easy-to-use data management applications for electronically managing the case data recorded by your HeartStart Defibrillator; whether you are interested in data collection, case review, response analysis, data trending, or performance evaluation for the entire emergency program.

    HeartStart Event Review PRO helps the more demanding and sophisticated medical director or code team leader take a big-picture view of their resuscitation program so they can evaluate and optimize resuscitation response. And it lets them collect and review more comprehensive response and patient data than Event Review, including detailed BLS and ALS responder observations and interventions. Event Review PRO also manages 12-lead ECG information and monitoring data collected by the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator

    You can integrate ECGs from multiple defibrillators into one case for a complete event history. Event Review's case reports include ECG waveform event log and case data.

    With Event Review Pro, you get case reports, 12-lead reports, Utstein reports and overall system response time summaries. These reports help you evaluate trends in the timeliness and effectiveness of your response system, so you can assess performance versus service level obligations. You can also create custom reports using Crystal Reports reporting software.

    You can e-mail cases to colleagues who are running Event Review so they can review them. Software is easy-to-use and features plenty of on-screen help.

    This software may also be used to reconfigure your Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDs to the new optional "hands-only" CPR protocol at the discretion of your medical director.

    HeartStart Event Review and Event Review PRO Comparison Chart

    FEATURE Event Review Event Review PRO
    ECG and Events Yes Yes
    ECG Annotation Yes Yes
    Case Data Entry Fields Concise Comprehensive
    Cases Saved in Database for
    Query and Analysis
    Yes Yes
    Case Data Sharing e-mail e-mail and network access by multiple users
    12-Lead View, Store, Forward
    (manually) to Printer/Fax/
    No Yes
    Individual Case Reports Yes Yes
    EMS Utstein and System-Wide
    Performance Reports
    No Yes
    Defibrillators Supported Philips & Laerdal HeartStart HS1 Family
    Philips & Laerdal FRx
    Philips & Laerdal HeartStart FR2-series
    Philips ForeRunner
    Philips HeartStart MRx
    Philips HeartStart XL
    Philips HeartStart XLT
    Laerdal HeartStart FR
    Laerdal HeartStart 4000
    Philips & Laerdal HeartStart HS1 Family
    Philips & Laerdal HeartStart FR2-series
    Philips ForeRunner
    Philips HeartStart MRx
    Philips HeartStart XL
    Philips HeartStart XLT
    Laerdal HeartStart FR
    Laerdal HeartStart 4000
    Device Configuration Philips & Laerdal HeartStart HS1 and FRx No
    Self-Test Reports Yes Yes
    Configurable Security Levels Yes No
    Palm HotSync of HeartStart FRx and HS1 family files Yes No

    Alternate Part Number(s): 861431-A01, 861431-A03, 861436-A01, 861436-A03

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