LIFE O2 EMS Oxygen Regulator (0-25)

Part #: LIFE-EMS-025-3
All Brass Regulator with low pressure barb and two 50 PSI DISS Outlets
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LIFE O2 EMS Oxygen Regulator (0-25)
LIFE O2 EMS Oxygen Regulator (0-25)
  • LIFE O2 EMS Oxygen Regulator (0-25)

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Please note: Because of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the understandable concerns regarding the virus and hygiene, LIFE Corp states "ALL SALES FINAL – NO RETURNS."

EMS Oxygen Regulator by LIFE Corporation. This regulator includes variable port flow low pressure hose barb and two 50 PSI DISS Outlets with check valves for auxiliary delivery such as demand valves or aspirators.
  • Unibody Window Design for Heavy Duty Service.
  • Outstanding Impact Resistance exceeding all test requirements.
  • All Brass Regulator including internal components
  • Five Year Factory Warranty and 15 year design life.
  • High Visibility Window
  • 12 Click Stop Positions with sure grip knob.
Click stop flow postions are: .25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, and 25.

Additional Specifications:
-Stay-Put Post Valve Seal
-Low Profile Gauge/Boot & Fittings
-Operating Pressure:  50 PSIG to 3000 PSIG (21 Bar to 207 Bar)
-Proof Pressure: 5800 PSIG
-Burst Pressure: 10000 PSIG
-All Regulators are equipped with a self-contained Relief Valve
-CGA-870 Yoke for Standard Post Valves

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