Laerdal Compact Suction Unit LCSU4 (800ml)

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Laerdal Compact Suction Unit LCSU4 (800ml)

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The next improved version of Laerdal Compact Suction Unit is here. Laerdal’s newest suction unit combines rugged design with lightweight portability, an essential tool for every first responder.

LCSU4 comes in two alternative canister versions; one configured with an 800ml canister, and one with a 300ml canister. Each version can easily be converted to the other by ordering additional parts. 

The 800ml version includes:

  • Semi-rigid carry case w/shoulder strap
  • 800 ml reservoir canister
  • 6 ft of patient tubing
  • NiMH rechargeable battery 
  • AC/DC adapter/charger with power cord
  • Vacuum tube
  • Comprehensive owner's manual in 18 languages
  • Two-year warranty (excludes canisters, tubing, battery)


  • “Clean” cabinet design 
  • Small lightweight 300ml canister version 
  • 1.5 kg (3.38 lbs) 
  • “Click-in-place” 300ml canister 
  • Disposable canister systems 
  • 800ml canister - when extra volume is needed 
  • Easy to convert between 300ml and 800ml canister versions 
  • Internal integrated filter systems for all canisters 
  • High-efficiency filter kit 
  • Big vacuum regulator dial, with “clicking sound” 
  • LED display for use day or night 
  • Children vacuum range area on the control panel 
  • Arrows pointing the vacuum directions 
  • Wire Stand for stability 
  • High-density bags


  • Air Flow at Vacuum Inlet (all configurations):    27 LPM (free flow) typical 
  • Vacuum - Max.:         550+ mmHg (73.3 kPA) 
  • Vacuum - Range:       50 - 550+ mmHg (6.7 - 73.3 kPa)

Power options

  • Rechargeable Battery, NiMH 12 volt 1.6 Ah.
  • Battery Runtime: Approximately 45 minutes of continuous operation at zero vacuum level (free flow), fully charged. 
  • Battery Charge time: 5 hours to reach full capacity
  • AC/DC Adapter 
  • External Battery Charger 
  • 12V DC Power-cord for connection to vehicle power ports


  • 300ml canister version: 18.5 cm x 26.2 cm x 8.12 cm (7.3" x 10.3" x 3.2") 
  • 800ml canister version: 23.6 cm x 19 cm x 23.6 cm (9.3" x 7.5" x 9.3")


  • 300ml canister version: 1.53 kg (3.375 lbs) 
  • 800ml canister version: 1.97 kg (4.35 lbs)
Noise Level: <70dB

Alternate Part Number(s): LCSU2, LCSU3, LCSU4

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