Laerdal Little Baby QCPR

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A realistic, inexpensive, lightweight, infant CPR trainer that offers AHA 2019 Guidelines compliant CPR feedback.
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Laerdal Little Baby QCPR
Single, Light Skin Tone (Mobile Device NOT Included)
  • Single, Light Skin Tone (Mobile Device NOT Included)
  • Single, Dark Skin Tone (Mobile Device NOT Included)
  • 4-Pack, Light Skin Tone (Mobile Device NOT Included)
  • 4-Pack, Dark Skin Tone (Mobile Device NOT Included)



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Little Baby QCPR is a realistic, affordable BLS manikin for pediatrics that includes CPR feedback. It will improve training quality by emphasizing learner engagement and classroom efficiency. Little Baby QCPR is easy to use and its quality is assured.

Get your training class set up in no time with the use of the one-click-connection. The QCPR app onboarding guides you through the entire process of setting up your classroom. You can increase the engagement and confidence in both the student and the instructor by using the realistic feel combined with intuitive feedback. With the objective feedback on compressions and ventilations, Little Baby QCPR complies with all the key parameters of quality CPR as defined by the American Heart Association's 2019 Guidelines for CPR Training.

Choking is one of the main events causing cardiac arrest in infants. With Little Baby QCPR, you can allow students to practice the not-so-gentle touch to remove obstructions from an infant's airway. The instructor can spot incorrect hand placement with sensors built-in to Little Baby QCPR and by using the QCPR app to quickly adjust the student's performance. Little Baby QCPR allows students to practice correct chest compressions, ventilations, and removal of a foreign body so they act with confidence when it matters the most.

Little Baby QCPR has a realistic infant anatomy feel to it and includes these features:
  • Head-tilt with open/locked airway
  • Feedback on hand positioning
  • Visible chest-rise on ventilations
  • See and feel the baby’s ribs
  • Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
  • Limbs with realistic movement
  • Durable construction with realistic length and weight
  • 2 AA batteries will last for months and are easily changed.
QCPR Training App:
This free app will allow instructors to monitor and guide up to six students at the same time. It will also allow students to practice on their own. Multiple learners can also use the app to coach each other.
Available on the App Store and Google Play.

This is a small and portable device that provides a tethered "plug and play" CPR Feedback option. It can be used for standalone training or it can also be used to supplement instruction using the apps. When the instructor app is connected to the manikin the student can still get feedback through the SkillGuide. Please note that instructor and student apps cannot both be connected to the manikin at the same time. Note that the SkillGuide with extension cable is not needed for the Little Baby QCPR manikin. The connection for the SkillGuide is on the outside of the Little Baby QCPR, while the SkillGuide connects to the inside of the Little Anne QCPR and Little Junior QCPR.)

The single Little Baby QCPR comes with the manikin, one airway, six manikin wipes, a jumpsuit for the manikin, and a soft carry case.
The Little Baby QCPR 4-Pack comes with four manikins, six additional airways, 12 manikin wipes, jumpsuits for each manikin, and a four-pack carry case. Select either a single manikin or a 4-pack by using the drop-down window above.

Little Baby QCPR is available in light or dark skin tones. Choose the desired skin tone by using the drop-down window above.

Refer to the chart below for manikin compatibility and a list of functions: (LA=Little Anne, LJ=Little Junior, LB= Little Baby, RA=Resusci Anne, RJ=Resusci Junior, RB=Resusci Baby. All manikins are the QCPR versions only.)

For manikin compatibility and a list of functions please refer to the chart below:

Alternate Part Number(s): 133-01050, 133-03050, 134-01050, 134-03050

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