Laerdal Little Anne Combo 6-Pack

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Laerdal Little Anne Combo 6-Pack
Laerdal Little Anne Combo 6-Pack
  • Laerdal Little Anne Combo 6-Pack

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Elevate your CPR training experience with the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin Combo 6-pack. The Laerdal Little Anne Manikin Combo 6-pack is equipped with Bluetooth technology to seamlessly connect to the QCPR App. This connectivity revolutionizes your training sessions by providing real-time feedback for quality improvement.

Note: These manikins will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if they are not connected to the QCPR App and 60 minutes if they are connected to the QCPR App but are not being used. To turn the manikins back on, do one chest compression.

The features of the Laerdal Little Anne manikins include head tilt, jaw thrust, and nose pinching. These manikins are designed to be stackable for optimal storage room and conveniently fit into a wheeled suitcase (included with the purchase of a 6-pack). This combo pack is complete with all the accessories needed to complete your CPR training experience. The manufacturer recommends stacking no more than 6 manikins at a time.

This manikin is compatible with the SkillGuide device or the QCPR App. Want to learn how to connect to the QCPR APP? Read Laerdal's article: QCPR APP- How to get started.

What's Included:

  • (3) Stackable CPR manikins in shade DARK
  • (3) Stackable CPR manikins in shade LIGHT
  • (6) Manikin faces
  • (60) Manikin filters for hygienic training
  • (12) AA Batteries
  • (24) Manikin wipes for cleaning
  • (1) Wheeled suitcase for storing manikins
  • (1) User guide
  • (1) Warranty
  • (1) Important Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should the airway filters be cleaned on the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin?
A. The airway filter should be replaced after every class or between each use if more than one student is practicing on the manikin, especially if mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is practiced. If the manikin is not being used frequently, the manufacturer still recommends changing the airway assembly if there are visible signs of wear or damage to the lung or metal patch.

Q. How often should the manikin face be cleaned?
A. The manufacturer recommends using a separate Laerdal Manikin Face for every student. If several students are using the same manikin, thoroughly sanitize the manikin face after every use.

Q. What type of batteries can be used on the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin?
A. Two recommended battery types include the non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, LR6 1.5 V AA, or the rechargeable NiMH batteries, HR6 1.2 V AA batteries. The manufacturer recommends removing batteries if the product is not used for an extended period. Warning: Do NOT use batteries with a nominal cell voltage higher than 1.5 V.

Q. What can I clean my Laerdal Little Anne Manikin with?
A. Clean all skin parts regularly with warm, soapy water or Laerdal manikin wipes that come with your manikin. Caution: Do not use liquids to clean the inside of the manikin, and do not submerge any parts.

Q. How do I dispose of my Laerdal Little Anne Manikin?
A. The QCPR Sensor in the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin contains electronic components that may not be treated as household waste. Instead, the manufacturer recommends contacting your local city office, your household waste disposal service, or a Laerdal representative to find the best recycling method for electrical and electronic equipment.

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