Philips Defibrillator-Manikin Connector Cable

Part #: 151-945006
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Connects a defibrillator to a Laerdal training manikin with defib snaps on the chest. Connects directly without an adapter to the following Philips defibrillators: MRx, HeartStart 4000, FR, and FR2.

If you are using a Zoll defibrillator (1200, 1400, 1600, M series), you will need this part and the Zoll adapter, part number 05-10100.

If you are using a Medtronic Physio-Control defibrillator (Lifepak 9, 10C, 11, 12), you will need this part and the Medtronic Physio-Control adapter, part number 05-10000.

Alternate Part Number(s): 151-945006, 945006, 150-945006

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