Penguin Manual Suction Unit for Newborns by Laerdal

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Penguin Manual Suction Unit for Newborns by Laerdal. Babies cannot blow their noses or clear their throats on their own. The Penguin helps with clearing your baby's airway.

Babies’ nasal passages can become clogged or blocked for any number of reasons including exposure to viruses or irritation from allergens.  Clogged nasal passages can interfere with babies’ ability to feed, and in very young newborns, their ability to breathe.  Designed to clear babies’ airways, the Penguin is made of one piece of silicone making it easy to clean and durable, able to withstand hundreds of uses. The Penguin was developed to support basic newborn resuscitation courses like Helping Babies Breathe, aimed at improving newborn outcomes in developing countries.
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