Laerdal MamaNatalie Birthing Sim

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Laerdal MamaNatalie Birthing Sim
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The Laerdal® MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator comes with NeoNatalie and helps you create realistic training scenarios easily. It has been designed to be worn by a standardized patient who takes on the role of the baby's mother to facilitate an engaging role play which will make the learning sessions efficient and memorable.

With the MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator the "mother" controls the training scenario using the following features:
  • Bleeding
  • Positioning and delivery of the baby
  • Delivery of placenta
  • Fetal heart sounds
  • Cervix landmark
  • Urine bladder catheterization
  • Uterine massage
  • Uterine compression
The simulator is amazingly realistic when it comes to training in communication with the mother and in postpartum hemorrhage control (the number one cause of maternal death during childbirth). MamaNatalie allows simulation of a wide variety of complications as well as normal birthing scenarios including vacuum-assisted delivery, breeched delivery, and incomplete or retained placenta.

The NeoNatalie manikin has been designed to facilitate effective learning and also supports the American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP).

Airway features:
  • Oxygen delivery procedures
  • Suctioning techniques
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Spontaneous chest rise and fall 
CPR features:
  • Anatomical landmarks
  • Ventilation with bag-valve-mask
  • Closed chest compressions
  • Auscultate heart sounds 
Blood pressure/pulse features:
  • Manual umbilical pulse 
Other features:
  • Simulated crying sounds
The Laerdal MamaNatalie Birthing Sim is available in light and brown skin tones. Make your desired skin tone selection by using the drop-down window above.

Alternate Part Number(s): 340-00233, 340-00333

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