Cabinet Barrel Style Alarm Key for Premium Philips' Cabinets

Part #: HSKEY80 Our Price: $9.95

Cabinet Barrel Style Alarm Key for Premium Philips' Cabinets

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Replacement cabinet key used to arm/disarm alarm system
  • Overview
    Single spare or replacement cabinet key used to arm and disarm cabinet alarm system. These keys are specific to Philips Premium cabinets with key stamped "801", "802", or "803". Use the drop-down window above to select your matching key.
    Please note: This key does not lock the AED cabinet.

    Replacement/additional cabinet key determination:
    1. Locate your cabinet
    2. Inside the cabinet is a white plate which covers the alarm's circuit board.
    3. Remove the two screws which hold the cover in place. Remove the cover.
    4. On the back of the cover will be a 3 digit number (801, 802, or 803). That is the number which determines your key.

    Alternate Part Number(s): HSKEY801, HSKEY802, HSKEY803

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    AED Cabinet key The key was exactly what I needed and it fit perfectly. Key was shipped shortly after I placed the order so delivery was excellent. Reviewed by: Paul from Mobile, AL on
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