AMBU® MAN Torso (Model W)

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AMBU® MAN Torso (Model W)

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An exceptionally lifelike representation of the human anatomy, particularly those features important to training in modern resuscitation techniques.
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    Ambu's patented hygienic system protects the student and makes internal cleaning entirely unnecessary. The stiffness of the chest is infinitely variable, allowing students to train on different body builds. Airways open only when the head is correctly hyperextended. A carotid pulse can be activated manually by the instructor. It is also activated during chest compressions.

    The lifelike anatomy makes it suitable for training of correct placement of defib pads in training use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). 

    Ambu Man is a modular system. It can be equipped with a tried and tested mechanical monitoring instrument that gives you instant feedback on ventilation volume, stomach inflation, chest compression depth and wrong hand position. PC connection is possible on this model, allowing connection of Ambu CPR Software Kit (wireless router required). The I.V. Trainer arm can be mounted on all Ambu manikins. In addition, an upgrade kit (arms & legs) can be purchased to convert the Ambu Man Torso into a Full-Body manikin.
    AMBU Man Model W Torso with CPR Software includes:
    • Standard Torso
    • Stomach Bag
    • Carotid Pulse Simulator
    • 5 Face Pieces
    • 100 Head Bags
    • Training Mat/Carry Case
    • ***Wireless Router NOT Included***

    Alternate Part Number(s): 234-013-000, 234-003-000, A234307000, A234407000

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