AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin

AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin
Includes 5 face pieces, 100 head bags

AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin

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Includes 5 face pieces, 100 head bags

What's Included:

  • Ambu Baby CPR Manikin
  • 5 face pieces
  • 100 head bags

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The robust Ambu® Baby is a lifelike simulation of a baby up to the age of one year. It is the youngest member of the Ambu training family and has all the sought-after Ambu qualities but with additional features to provide efficient training.

Ambu® Baby Features

  • The head can be rotated and extended but the airway will only open in the correct (sniff) position
  • Stomach ventilation can be visually checked
  • Realistic anatomy allows the trainee to find the correct compression point, making the chest/abdomen rise realistically
  • Realistic brachial pulse provides correct training
  • Obstruction of the airway by an on/off slider can be simulated by the instructor
  • The Ambu patented hygienic system facilitates knowledge retention through the look-listen-feel concept while providing trainee comfort and safety
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