Allergy Emergency Kit Anaphylaxis Poster

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Allergy Emergency Kit Anaphylaxis Poster
Allergy Emergency Kit Anaphylaxis Poster
  • Allergy Emergency Kit Anaphylaxis Poster



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Allergy Emergency Kit™ Anaphylaxis Poster. Choose either "Anaphylaxis Is Like A Freight Train" or Allergy Emergency - Anaphylaxis Symptoms Poster. Each poster measures 16" wide x 20" high. Use the drop-down window above to choose the poster you want.

"Anaphylaxis Is A Freight Train" Poster - This poster includes a step-by-step guide showing how to handle an allergy emergency incident. Includes advice for calling 911, administering epinephrine and supplementing with an antihistamine. This poster follows the newly recommended "no waiting, no monitoring" approach which advises all incidents to include a 911 call and an emergency room visit.

"Symptoms of Anaphylaxis" Poster - This poster will help you to recognize an allergic reaction when it happens. This poster describes many of the potential symptoms that can occur with an allergic reaction, enabling your staff and students to understand what is happening in an anaphylaxis emergency if they're present when an allergy incident is taking place.

Alternate Part Number(s): EN9362, EN9363

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