Allergy Emergency Kit™ Polybag Sleeve and Hook & Loop Fasteners for Auto-Injectors

Part #: EN93
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Allergy Emergency Kit™ Polybag Photo Label Sleeves for Auto-Injectors. These kits include replacement polybags and hook & loop dots to hang new or replacement epinephrine auto-injectors in your Epinephrine Auto-Injector Cabinets or Wall Panels. Use dropdown window above to choose brand: Epi-Pen®/Epi-Pen® Jr Single Sleeve (20-pack), Epi-Pen®/Epi-Pen® Jr Double Sleeve (20-pack/40 injectors), Auvi-Q™ or Allerject™ (15-pack), TwinJect® (25-pack), Generic/Adrenaclick® (25-pack).

Alternate Part Number(s): EN9353, EN9354, EN9355, EN9356, EN9388

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