AHA Airway Management Facilitator Manual

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AHA Airway Management Facilitator Manual
AHA Airway Management Facilitator Manual
  • AHA Airway Management Facilitator Manual

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AHA Airway Management Facilitator Manual. The American Heart Association’s Airway Management Course is a classroom-based, Instructor-led course that gives students the opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate many airway skills used in resuscitation. The simple course flow is video-driven and includes a skills demonstration, plus student skills practice and skills testing.

Airway Management includes five modules, one required and four optional. Facilitators of the course may combine these modules based on their students’ needs and scope of practice. Upon successful completion of this course, students receive a certificate of completion.

Product Specifications:

Following are the specifications for this manual:

· 8.375” × 10.875” manual
· Includes 36 pages of full-color images and text
· Bound within a full-color soft cover
· Includes 27 Airway Management Lesson Maps
· Includes Airway Management Facilitator CD
· Shrink-wrapped

Intended Audience:

The Airway Management Facilitator Manual is for use by anyone facilitating an Airway Management Course.This course is for healthcare providers whose occupation or volunteer activities require airway management skills. In
addition, professionals in the field of resuscitation and airway management, such as scientists, educators,
researchers and manufacturers of medical devices, may find this course beneficial.

Continuing Education Information:

Upon successful completion of the Airway Management Course, EMS students may apply for continuing educationcredits. For more information, visit www.heart.org/cpr.

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