Curaplex® CPR Mask w/O2 Port & Hard Case

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Popular CPR Mask in Clam-Shell Style Hard Case
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Curaplex® CPR Mask w/O2 Port & Hard Case
Curaplex® CPR Mask w/O2 Port & Hard Case
  • Curaplex® CPR Mask w/O2 Port & Hard Case

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The Curaplex® CPR Mask provides a cost-effective solution for performing CPR. The mask seals to the face completely, and a one-way valve protects the rescuer from accidental exposure. The mask also includes a supplemental oxygen inlet.

The Curaplex CPR Mask is designed for the trained rescuer and first responder. It offers superior protection and durability. The mask acts as a barrier separating the rescuer and the patient. The mask is collapsible. It is easy to use and convenient to carry. The cuff comes pre-inflated and provides a quick and efficient seal. An O2 port allows for the delivery of supplemental emergency oxygen from an external source. The mask is not made with natural rubber latex.

***Please note:  This device is intended for single use only.

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