ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz

Part #: 8900-0800-01
For AED Plus® and AED Pro®.
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ZOLL Replacement CPR-D-Padz
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ZOLL AED CPR-D-Padz® Package Contents

The ZOLL CPR-D-Padz® are a one-piece defibrillation and CPR system with compression depth and rate sensors. CPR-D-Padz are manufactured with a five-year shelf life.
The package includes: 
  • CPR-D-Padz defibrillator electrodes 
  • Barrier mask 
  • Scissors 
  • Razor
  • Disposable Towel
  • Up to five (5) year shelf-life

CPR-D-Padz Real CPR Help®

In any emergency, it's easy to find yourself feeling panic, confusion, or a number of other symptoms that can make it hard to concentrate, remember your training, and act swiftly and appropriately. To aid in the rescue process and help ensure a proper SCA emergency rescue effort takes place by anyone available, ZOLL created Real CPR Help®. 

This technology is integrated into the ZOLL AED Plus & Pro electrode pads (CPR-D-Padz) to help you: 
  • Quickly and properly place the electrode pads 
  • Identify easily where to begin chest compressions 
  • Understand if you're going too fast, too slow, and deep enough while performing CPR
                    - Adults need 100-120 compressions/minute and 2-2.4" of compression depth
The CPR-D-Padz are a one-piece, pre-connected electrode which lasts up to 5 years from the manufacture date - the longest shelf life of any defibrillator electrode. An adaptive metronome helps the rescuer with the proper rate as the unit converts data from the CPR-D-Padz into actionable insights and guidance. 

Dealing with an SCA emergency is never easy. Every advantage a first responder or rescuer can have to save a life is crucial. ZOLL is making the rescue process simple, accurate, and with a greater chance for success for every responder when using the CPR-D-Padz with Real CPR Help.

Certified School Nurse
Ordering products was easy Customer service was professional and very helpful
Reviewed by:  Michele Turnitza RN BSN NCSN from Saint Clair Area School District on 4/21/2022
Legal Nurse Consultant
Product came as described very quickly and we rec'd excellent customer service from this company.
Reviewed by:  Nurse Amy from Charleston, WV on 12/6/2021
Ministry Assistant
They pads came well protected and tamper proof! They were also easy to install.
Reviewed by:  Living Truth Christian Center from Smyrna on 8/12/2021
Good Replacement
This was a replacement item for our AED System
Reviewed by:  Richard from Alabama on 6/14/2021
Infection control
This was a replacement pack. Thank you
Reviewed by:  Cathy from York, PA on 6/8/2015
1st Buying Experience
Cost effective, easy ordering, and free shipping I will use this site again for AED accessories.
Reviewed by:  Patty from Texas on 11/6/2014
Zoll pads
The Zoll pads are just the ticket. The visual directions take the guess work out of an already tenuous situation. Total trust in the product
Reviewed by:  Rick from Danville, Va on 2/11/2014

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