ZOLL Medical X Series® EMS Monitor / Defibrillator

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ZOLL Medical X Series® EMS Monitor / Defibrillator

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    ZOLL Medical X Series® Monitor/Defibrillator for EMS. In the rapidly, constantly changing world of EMS, it is imperative the monitor/defibrillator you have today can keep up with the progressive vision of pre-hospital care. The ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator is built on an expandable platform, designed to address the needs of EMS today and in the future.

    The X Series is the most compact, yet best-equipped monitor/defibrillator ZOLL has ever offered. At 11.7 lbs (6 kg) there's a good chance the X Series is twice as light as your current monitor/defibrillator. A high-contrast color display shows up to four waveforms, and it can be equipped with a complete selection of parameters, like Masimo® Rainboe® SET pulse CO-oximetry, Microstream® etCO2, and Welch Allyn NIBP, along with three invasive pressure and two temperature channels.

    Even though the X Series is light and compact, it doesn't come up short in durability. Motivated by air transport and field military requirements, ZOLL has ensured the X Series is unsurpassed in  toughness. It features an industry-best ingress protection rating against dust and water of IP55 and compliance with standards requiring normal operation after multiple drops from a height of 6.5 feet.

    With additional features like Real CPR Help®, See-Thru CPR®, 12-Lead ECG with Split-Screen View (view latest and previous traces simultaneously), and the SurePower II rechargeable battery (six hours of continuous run time), the X Series becomes the best choice for ALS in the field...for today and tomorrow.
    The ZOLL X Series EMS Model Monitor/Defibrillator Kit Includes:
       • Manual or AED Defibrillation Mode with Real CPR Help®
       • Advanced Communications Package (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cellular modem capable)
       • USB Data Transfer Capable
       • 80mm Printer
       • Large 6.5" Screen with up to 4 waveform channels
       • One-Year Warranty for EMS Use   

    Included Accessories:
       •3-Lead ECG Cable - 6 ft
       • Multi-Function Therapy Cable
       • CPR Connector 
       • A/C Power Cord, Adapter, and Charger
       • 1 Roll 80mm Printer Paper
       • 6-Hour Rechargeable SurePower II Lithium-Ion Battery
       • USB Data Transfer Cable
       • Carrying Case
       • Declaration of Conformity, Operator's Instructions, Quick Reference Guide

    Please call for detailed information on the X Series EMS model options. For a complete listing of all accessories, click here.

    Alternate Part Number(s): 601-0220010-01, 601-0220011-01, 601-0230010-01, 601-0121011-01, 601-0140011-01, 601-0230011-01, 601-0121411-01, 601-0221010-01, 601-0240010-01, 601-0221011-01, 601-0240011-01, 601-0131011-01, 601-2120011-01, 601-2120011-01, 601-0221411-01, 601-0121511-01, 601-2120411-01, 601-2220010-01, 601-0141011-01, 601-0231011-01, 601-2220010-01, 601-2130011-01, 601-0221511-01, 601-2220411-01, 601-2130411-01, 601-0241011-01, 601-2121011-01, 601-2140011-01, 601-2230011-01, 601-2230411-01, 601-2220511-01, 601-2221010-01, 601-2240010-01, 601-2221011-01, 601-2240011-01, 601-2221411-01, 601-2230511-01, 601-2231011-01, 601-2231411-01, 601-2221511-01, 601-2240511-01, 601-2241010-01, 601-2241011-01, 601-2241411-01, 601-2231511-01, 601-2241511

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