ZOLL AED Pro Simulator

Part #: 8000-0829-01
Use for testing and training on the ZOLL AED Pro
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ZOLL AED Pro Simulator
ZOLL AED Pro Simulator
  • ZOLL AED Pro Simulator

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The ZOLL AED Pro Simulator is a powerful and versatile training tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of your CPR and AED training programs. This simulator allows instructors and trainees to simulate real-life rescue scenarios, providing a realistic and immersive training experience. 

With this simulator's ability to replicate the features of a ZOLL AED Pro, trainees can confidently practice their life-saving skills in a safe setting. With multiple AED and CPR scenario capabilities, trainers can customize training sessions to meet specific learning objectives. The clear display of the controls makes it effortless to adjust settings and create realistic training scenarios, enhancing the overall training experience for both instructors and trainees. Use with ZOLL AED Pro Simulator Training Electrode Pads (sold separately).

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