ZOLL AED 3 Carry Case

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ZOLL AED 3 Carry Case
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The ZOLL AED 3 Carry Case offer durability, convenience, and portability to help ensure that your ZOLL AED 3 remains secure and easily accessible in any emergency situation. The rugged exterior offers excellent resistance against impact, protecting your device from potential damage during transport or while being stored. This case is designed to perfectly mold the ZOLL AED 3  to prevent the device from shifting or moving during transports and to keep it protected from dust, dirt, and moisture. 

The ZOLL AED 3 Carry Case features a strap that can be adjusted to give you the most comfortable way to carry your device. The window on the cover of the case also allows you to keep an eye for the self-check indicator. This allows you to check up on your AED without even removing it from the carry case. Whether you are responding to an emergency on-site, traveling between locations, or storing your AED is a public space, this case can help ensure easy mobility and accessibility all while protecting your life-saving device. Shop the ZOLL AED 3.

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