CPR Student Training Pack by WNL Products

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CPR Student Training Pack by WNL Products

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CPR Student Training Pack by WNL Products

Supply your students with a kit of the supplies needed most often for CPR training! These are compact, all-in-one kits containing CPR training supplies. Some of the advantages of these kits include, for example, each student receives their own individual valve which allows multiple students to share one mask, and the individual face shield protects the students during mouth-to-mouth training on the manikins.

The CPR Student Training Pack features the essential CPR training supplies every student needs. The training valve will fit most standard CPR masks, and the face shields are transparent with markings which show where to correctly place the shield. The valve and shield are not made from natural rubber (latex).

Each kit contains 1 CPR Practi-Valve™, 1 Practi-Shield™ CPR Training Shield, and 2 alcohol wipes.

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