Susie/Simon Hospital Training Manikin with Ostomy

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Susie/Simon Hospital Training Manikin with Ostomy
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Susie/Simon® Hospital Training Manikin with Ostomy offers training in a variety of clinical procedures to both nurses and other health care professionals. The external appearance of the model is female. Attachment of the male genitals, however, converts the manikin into a male model. Susie/Simon® can simulate a number of exercises from transverse colostomy management to tracheotomy, from intramuscular injection to opthalmological treatment. Meets OBRA training requirements.

The manikin offers these additional features:
• Douching and pap smear exercises
• Enema administration
• Head supplied with wig for combing, shampooing, and head draping exercises
• Injection site on buttock for intramuscular injection
• Injection sites on left arm for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
• Instruction in complete intestinal lavage with stomas connected to internal reservoir system
• Instruction in gastrostomy, ileostomy, and transverse colostomy management
• Interchangeable male and female organs
• Male and female urinary catheterization
• Otic, nasal, tracheostomy, and gastrostomy openings and connections for ear syringing, gastric suction, and tracheotomy exercises
• Removable dentures
• Separated fingers and toes for bandaging exercises
• Separately inserted eyes for administration of orbital medications, removal of foreign bodies, and eye irrigation
• Suprapubic stoma management and drainage

The joints are strong and movements lifelike, even to the extent of permitting pronation and supination of the forearm. Made from the highest quality vinyl plastic with a high degree of resistance to wear and tear. The surface is smooth, impervious to water, oils, and liniments. Select manikin skin color preference above (light, medium, or dark skin).

Alternate Part Number(s): SB20140D, SB20140U, SB20140(D)U, SB20140M, SB20140(M)U

Great Value!
This mannikin is very life like in its movements and the skin has a realistic texture. Much less expensive than other models - comes with all the accessories!
Reviewed by:  Monica from Burlington, NJ on 12/31/2014

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