G3 Responder EMS Backpack by StatPacks

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G3 Responder EMS Backpack by StatPacks
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The G3 RESPONDER EMS Backpack is a large-sized street pack for emergency responders who need to carry more. Its boxy and compact configuration allows for easy ergonomic hauling. The unique design keeps the shoulder straps off the ground while you’re accessing the bag's contents. Internal cells will stack neatly and securely in many different arrangements. The main fabric is tarpaulin with a urethane coating which allows for easy cleaning and protection from the elements.

The tarpaulin bottom panel provides protection from abrasions and the elements. StatPacks has added more durable reflective material which has a protective outer mesh cover which helps shields it from wear and tear and helps with nighttime visibility. The foam-lined design keeps all internal items protected from breakage and the elements. There is also a "quick stash" pocket inside for trash or extra supplies. 

This backpack accommodates the First Aid QuickRoll Intubation Kit, Circulatory Kit, and Remedy Kit, as well as the stackable Cellular System (all sold separately). The internal hook-&-loop lining strips help to secure the modules. The included aluminum track creates a bomb-proof secure point for the shoulder straps which allows for comfortable transport of emergency medical equipment. Up to 4 of the Generation 3 standard cells will fit inside as this is the largest size of the EMS Backpacks that are designed to use the Cellular System.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 17 x 7. Weight: 6 lbs. Capacity: 3600 cu. in.

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