Simulaids Training Cables

Part #: 175-0-Z
Designed for use with Simulaids Arrhythmia Simulators
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Simulaids Training Cables
Simulaids Training Cables
  • Simulaids Training Cables



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Attention Hands-Free Defibrillator Users!
All Simulaids ALS trainers with ECG capability require the use of Training Cables for defibrillation in conjunction with hands-free pads.

Simulaids training cables with unique cable ends for simulations with the ZOLL, Medtronic/Physio-Control with QUIK-COMBO connector, and Philips defibrillators. The training cables are designed to be used with Simulaids Arrhythmia Simulators, Manikins and Chest Posts. 

The Simulaids Training Cables replace patient-use hands-free pads to eliminate the cost, the sticky mess left on the manikin, and the poor electrical contact of pads to small defib locations. If your defibrillator uses snap-on patches, we also have adapters to eliminate the use of the patches. 

Training cables are for use with AEDs and ALS devices with ECG capabilities, and are not recommended for use with any non-rechargeable battery AED.

Alternate Part Number(s): Z02, Z10, Z13, 175-0-Z02, 175-0-Z10, 175-0-Z13

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