Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit

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Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit
Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit

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Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit contains 12 life-like look and feel wounds with all the accessories you'll need for preparing your victims for training. Wounds can be used on humans or manikins, and many can be made to bleed. Wounds are easily cleaned and can be reused many times. Kit contains wounds for face, lower arm, chest, eyes, hands, leg, ankle, etc. Not made with natural rubber latex.
Included in the Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit:
  • Broken lower arm
  • Broken upper arm
  • Chest wound
  • Eye & face wound
  • Large & small hand wounds
  • Jaw wound
  • Head wound
  • Burned face
  • Upper & lower leg wounds
  • Broken ankle
  • Broken glass
  • Blood powder for 1 gallon blood (3 pkgs)
  • Coagulant blood - 4 oz
  • Methyl cellulose for blood
  • Casualty simulation wax - 8 oz
  • Red, white, blue, brown grease paint (2 oz each)
  • Tongue depressor/spatula combo
  • Spirit gum w/brush - 1 oz (3 pkgs)
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