Simulaids Trauma Randy Flash Moulage Upgrade Overlay

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Simulaids Trauma Randy Flash Moulage Upgrade Overlay
(Trauma Randy Manikin is NOT included)
  • (Trauma Randy Manikin is NOT included)

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Trauma Randy Upgrade Flash Moulage Overlay

This overlay is a cost-effective, advanced trauma training system and it is ideal for training staff to prepare them to manage trauma stabilization. The bleeding system is simple to use and will provide hours of training. It features rapid changes in presentation for students and department members. Locating the stopping points of blood loss is time-critical for a trauma patient's survival. The realism of the Flash Moulage System is designed for easy, rapid-fire use. 

The instructor and the student can deploy detailed moulages in seconds with the option of either bleeding or non-bleeding presentation. The system is also ideal for training with the hemostatic wound packing systems. The system is built around Simulaids’ rugged Large Body Rescue Randy manikins and can be used with your existing equipment (Trauma Randy is NOT included).

The system can be cleaned up easily by flushing the lines, rinsing, and drying. There are no glues or adhesives to clean up. The core system is built around the Large Body Rescue Randy manikin's torso. There is the option of expanding to arm and leg trauma with packable wounds and tourniquet application, as well as head trauma.

The Overlay Flash Moulage comes with four bleeding moulages, one deep bleeding packing wound, three shallow bleeding wounds, and one third degree burn. The complete bleeding system overlay includes ports to support the optional flash moulage arm, leg, and head. The external blood management system and foot pump with gravity tank will work with clotting and non-clotting simulated blood products.  Includes one gallon of TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate, TrueClot® Simulant Hemostatic Gauze (Rolled 3-Pack and Z-folded 3-Pack), 500 ml of TrueClot® Simulant Clotting Solution, and one flushing syringe to clear lines.

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