Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Leg Moulage for SMART STAT Patient Simulator

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Simulaids Bleeding Leg Moulage for use with STAT Patient Simulators. This graphic explosion wound for the lower leg can be added to the STAT Patient Simulators. This moulage brings detailed enhancements to the training session which will challenge any practitioner's level of care and treatment. With the missing muscle and bone, flesh avulsions, fatty tissue and bone ends, the presentation demands the highest level of treatment and care.

The leg consists of a molded moulage with an interior leg structure which offers easy connection to the existing IM injection site of a SMART STAT simulator. Simply attach the blood supply line from the SMART STAT manikin's right leg knee joint to the moulage. The pressurized blood flow is used to create a devastating wound.

The Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Leg Moulage gives the trainee the opportunity to treat this injury with a tourniquet. The trainee can arrest the bleeding with a properly applied tourniquet (not included). The leg can be used with the STAT line of patient simulators, or as a standalone trainer with an external blood supply.

WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!! so glad i purchased this! works just like the old one
Reviewed by: aidan from Washington on 12/3/2019
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