Simulaids Skin Tite Glue - 4 oz Bottle

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Simulaids Skin Tite Glue - 4 oz Bottle

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Used in Moulage Kits
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    Simulaids Skin Tite Glue - 4 oz Bottle. Used in Moulage Kits. Simulaids now offers this highly desirable adhesive for your moulage use. Moulage kits contain many items made of silicone, which has been shown to be resistant to many adhesives. Now, with Skin Tite Glue, the silicone moulage items will stick to either manikins or human skin until the glue is removed. Used by Hollywood Special Effects crews, Skin Tite Glue is now included with moulage kits containing silicone products (028, 665).

    Complete instructions and MSDS sheets are included with the package and the pot time is 3 minutes, which is the time between mixing the A and B parts in equal parts until the glue sets up. The smaller bottle is used to thicken the mixture for other applications as noted in the instructions. When the moulage is no longer needed on the victim, it peels off with the assistance of either baby oil or make-up remover.

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