Simulaids Sani 3/2

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Economy Adult/Baby package with Carry Bag
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Simulaids Sani 3/2

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Looking for a way to streamline your CPR Training Classes without spending a fortune? Simulaids has developed the ideal manikin combination pack: The Sani 3/2. With 3 adult and 2 baby manikins, you can accomodate more students at once without breaking your budget. This is a great price for 5 manikins. Get 2 or more for even more coverage!
Sani 3/2 by Simulaids
  • 3 Economy Adult Sani-Manikins
  • 200 Adult Face Shield Lung Systems
  • 2 Sani-Baby Manikins
  • 100 Baby Face Shield Lung Systems
  • Carry Storage Bag
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • Size 21" x 16" x 19"


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