Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator

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Newborn Advanced Life Support Manikin
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Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator
Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator
  • Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see the Life/form CHARLIE Neonatal Resuscitation Simulator with ECG Simulator Box for a suitable replacement.

Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator

Simulaids now offers this realistic newborn simulator for the first moments of life. The need to develop specific skill sets are essential to execute the challenging procedures often needed for newborns. The Newborn STAT trainer resembles an average birth weight baby. All limbs can be manipulated to provide varied clinical presentations. The life-like skin adds to the realism of the simulation. 

Fluid management features include I/O and IV sites as well as the umbilical vein. The manual trainer system allows for detail and enhances effective skill development for fluid access sites, assessments, dynamic airway management, cardiac monitoring and interventions, and medication administration. The trainer’s scale provides heightened awareness by increasing the challenge when the student is performing what otherwise may be a routine procedure on a much more challenging smaller person. 

The airway can be fully intubated and provides for edema of the tongue and larynx, representing a wide range of respiratory conditions. The trainer offers complete CPR and ALS training and is supported with 17 cardiac rhythms that can be linked to your ECG and allow for cardioversion with live defibrillation and external pacing.
Skill Sets:
  • Advanced Intubation Head
  • Tongue Edema
  • Laryngospasm
  • Accepts LMA and ET, OPA, NPA, LT
  • Pulse Locations (carotid, brachial, femoral, plus L redial)
  • PICC Site — Right Arm
  • IV sites (umbilical vein, right side antecubital, dorsal hand, left saphenous pedal)
  • I/O Leg — Right Side
  • ECG Monitoring — 4 Lead 
  • Defibrillation (20 joules to 360 joules capable; training cables available see page 60)
  • Chest Decompression (bilateral sites no manikin damage, pad replacement only)
  • Chest Tube Placement (left midaxillary site- fluid return with insertion)
  • Urinary catheterization (fluid return with insertion)
  • Rectal Medication

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