FAST1 Trainer by Simulaids

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For training in the use of the F.A.S.T.1 intraosseous infusion system
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FAST1 Trainer by Simulaids
FAST1 Trainer by Simulaids
  • FAST1 Trainer by Simulaids

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This trainer gives you the critical anatomic landmarks essential for training in the FAST1 system. Students will be able to palpate the suprasternal notch for proper placement of the target patch, and can actually insert the FAST1 infusion catheter using the demonstrator. Just under the skin, a replaceable disk rotates slightly with each insertion allowing for up to 100 practice insertions per disk. Small and easily transportable, this trainer is a must if you use or teach the FAST1 adult sternal intraosseous infusion system.

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