Simulaids David African-American CPR Adult Manikin w/Carry Bag w/Electronics

New! Specialized item for training of CPR.

Simulaids David African-American CPR Adult Manikin w/Carry Bag w/Electronics

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New! Specialized item for training of CPR.


CPR David African-American Adult Manikin w/Electronics & Carry Bag by Simulaids

  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Electronic Feedback of Hand Position, Compressions & Ventilations
  • CPR David African-American Adult Manikin
  • 10 Disposable Lung/Airway Systems 
  • 10 Channel Design Mouth/Nosepieces 
  • Soft Carry Bag/Kneeling Pad
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty

David with Electronics provides the CPR trainee with feedback of their hand position, depth of compressions and ventilations. David comes with our patented ball/valve airway which replicates the occluded airway of the victim in need of CPR, and opens to allow air to lungs when proper chin lifts are applied.
Features include: personal use channel mouth/nosepieces for each student, lightweight, portable, lifelike anatomical landmarks, carotid pulse, sternum, ribcage, and substernal notch. Soft carry case can be used as a kneeling pad when empty.
Electronic mechanisms within the torso and on the chest plate of this manikin indicate when techniques are performed properly:
  • Proper hand placement on the sternum - When a hand is placed on the chest in the correct position, a pressure plate under the overlay skin is compressed, closing a circuit to illuminate the “hand position correct” light.
  • Adequate ventilation - When sufficient air enters the lung, a magnetically released switch illuminates the “adequate ventilation light.”
  • Adequate compression - Sufficient pressure on the chest opens a switch to illuminate the “adequate compression light.”

CPR David African-American Adult Manikin w/Electronics & Carry Bag
with Carry Bag
Size: 31" x 18" x 10"

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