Simulaids CPR Recording Manikin

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Simulaids CPR Recording Manikin

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New! Specialized item for training of CPR.
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    This manikin has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Airways still available for a limited time. Please call us at 800-544-0048 so we can discuss your available options.

    CPR Recording Manikin by Simulaids

    • CPR Recording Manikin 
    • Mini-Laptop Computer (Acer Notebook) 
    • 3 Face Pieces
    • 3 Airways 
    • Carry Case
    • 1-Year Factory Warranty




    Simulaids' new CPR Recording Manikin has been designed to help the instructor accurately gauge student performance. It will precisely measure all actions associated with performing CPR, and then allow comparison to the AHA CPR Standards. Each student's results are scored as a percentage of their performance as compared to those standards. The programming can be set up for "compression only" functions. No extra equipment is needed, although if you want to display the screen on a larger format device, this can be accommodated.
    The instructor selects a performance time span, then initiates the recording. Once the student completes their skills test, the recording device automatically rates the student on a percentage basis, according to the preset parameters. For example, the instructor can eliminate the ventilation parameters, and the score will reflect only the compression information. If all the parameters are left active, the instructor can evaluate when certifiable CPR has been accomplished.
    The print options allow the instructor to store the record or create hard copy documents. Real-time evaluation of each student's performance can be determined by checking the laptop screen. Thus, with instructor correction and encouragement, a poor performance can be transformed into an acceptable one. The instructor can print the student's performance data and discuss with the student his or her CPR skills improvement.
    ***Please note:  This item ships directly from the manufacture. Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for delivery.***

    Alternate Part Number(s): 4000, 4002, 4003, 100-4003

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