Simulaids CPR Bonnie African-American Newborn Basic w/Carry Bag

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From Simulaids Line of Original Pediatric CPR Manikins.
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CPR Bonnie African-American Newborn Basic with Carry Bag is one of Simulaids' original CPR pediatric manikins, specifically designed for practicing CPR on infants. It arrives air-filled, but may also be filled with water to simulate the weight and feel of a real newborn. 

The CPR Bonnie Newborn Manikin features realistic chest rise, with a life-like rib cage including the sternum, xiphoid process, and suprasternal notch. The painted nipples assist with accurate CPR hand placement. Adequate ventilations cause a realistic chest rise. The flow-through design of this manikin allows for it to be cleaned and sanitized without disassembly. 

Includes soft carry bag, clothing, nasal aspirator, and 12 disposable lungs. Size: 26 in. x 8 in. x 8 in. Weight: 7 lbs.
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