Cardionics SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin - Light Skin

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Cardionics SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin - Light Skin

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New! Specialized item for training of auscultation by Cardionics.
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    NEW ITEM!!

    SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin by Cardionics
    • SAM II Manikin - Light Skin
    • Laptop Computer with Software for SAM
    • "E-Scope" wireless electronic stethoscope with wireless headphones
    • Operator's Manual
    • 2-- Page Student Lesson Guide
    • 1-Year Factory Warranty

    Simulaids' partnership with Cardionics brings to you the new SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin. SAM II can be used for group lectures, self-study (students use their own stethoscope), viewing phonocardiograms, and can even be used in conjunction with SAM On-Line (717-9000), an online service for learning heart and lung sounds.
    Features for the student include:
    • Used with your own Stethoscope
    • Carotid Pulse for Detection of Systole.
    • Provides visual display of phonocardiogram with heart sound.
    • Provides two channel display with heart and breath sounds.
    • Select sounds via computer menu
    • Any two sounds can be compared quickly and easily
    • Palpate a thrill for grade 4+ murmurs
    • Sounds with Variable Heart Rate Included.
    • Comparison of similar, but different sounds is quick and easy, i.e., compare Split S2 with S3 or S4 and ASD or innocent murmur with AS and MR.
    • Lesson or program guide for each sound can be displayed on the computer monitor.
    • Full lesson guide for every sound with questions and answers
    • SAM On-Line for continuing study auscultation with sounds at correct anatomical site.
    Heart and lungs sounds can be heard simultaneously or separately, including 27 heart sounds, 21 breath sounds, 20 bowel sounds, and 4 carotid bruits. The instructor can alter the sound volume at any site, produce a pneumothorax in the chest, diminish lower lung sounds while maintaining normal volume at the upper chest, listen to severe aortic stenosis in the neck as well as over precordial areas, present case studies, preprogram lectures, and much more.
    ***Please note: This item ships directly from the manufacture. Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for delivery.***

    Alternate Part Number(s): 4002, NZ10071U, NZ10072U

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