Cardionics Auditorium Infrared Sound System - Single Array

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Cardionics Auditorium Infrared Sound System - Single Array

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Use with HeartMan Infrared Headphones
  • Overview
    The Auditorium Infrared Sound System (ISS) transmits heart, lung, bowel, and Korotkoff sounds to a small or large audience with each person wearing a Wireless HeartMan Infrared Headphone (HIH). The ISS is available in two versions - Single Three-Panel Infrared Array shown at the right to accommodate small classrooms or auditoria or the Dual Three-Panel Infrared Array for large auditoria.

    Because of the HeartMan Infrared Headphone's comfortable binaural ear pieces and the internal speaker, the sounds are very similar to those heard with a stethoscope.

    When ordered with the Cabinet model CardioSim VII Digital Heart Sound Simulator or the Cabinet model PneumoSim Digital Breath Sound Simulator, the Single Array can be built into the mobile cabinet.

    For patient listening, use the Wireless E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope and receiver.  This allows the patient sounds to be sent from the patient to the Infrared Sound System for rebroadcast by Infrared.

    A Voice-Over System is included to transmit the instructor's voice to the Wireless HeartMan Infrared Headphones.
    Designed to be used with HeartMan Infrared Headphones, CardioSim VII Digital Heart Sound Simulator, PneumoSim Digital Breath Sound Simulator, SimulScope Bedside Auscultation System, E-Scope Wireless Electronic Stethoscope (place the Wireless E-Scope on SAM, the Student Auscultation Manikin), SAM, the Student Auscultation Manikin, Harvey, the CardioPulmonary Patient Manikin, Real Patients for live auscultation, and the StethView Digital Recording System for phonocardiographic display.
    Major Features:

    Outstanding sound quality
    Broadcast Heart & Breath Sounds in a Large Auditorium
    Used with HeartMan Infrared Headphones
    From 1 to 500 listeners
    Use with CardioSim VII Digital Heart Sound Simulator
    Use with PneumoSim Digital Breath Sound Simulator
    Use with Real Patients
    Use with SAM, the Student Auscultation Manikin

    Alternate Part Number(s): 718-4006-01, 718-4006-02, Z47745U, Z47746U

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