Simulaids Blood Pressure Arm Simulator

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Simulaids Blood Pressure Arm Simulator

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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see the Life/form® Blood Pressure Simulator for a suitable alternative.

    PDA technology brings you the newest training device for teaching and learning blood pressure skills. This stand-alone unit incorporates sphygmomanometer placement, palpation of the radial pulse, variable systolic and diastolic pressures from 0-300 mm HG in two mm increments, variable amplitude of sound heard at the antecubital site, sound jack for group listening, auscultatory gap setting, and heart rate settings. You can plug this battery operated trainer into 110V a/c to save batteries and includes the adapter and jack. The PDA with programming is also included, along with the B/P cuff.

    Alternate Part Number(s): SB40135U

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