Simulaids Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin

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Simulaids Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin

Light Skin Tone
Light Skin Tone
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For ALS/OB training
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    This manikin is ideal for training in Advanced Life Support Obstetrics (ALSO) programs. Accurate and realistic anatomical markings with additional features of full-term and premature fetuses. The pelvis is of soft vinyl construction and replicates the resistance encountered in a forceps or vacuum intervention delivery. Includes simulated blood powder, extra vulva, and soft carry bag. Forceps & Vacuum Extractor not included.

    The Simulaids Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB manikin is available in light and dark skin tones. Select your desired skin tone by using the drop-down window above. Light skin Premie (#172) & Newborn (#173) Manikins are included with the light skin version. Dark skin Premie (#172B) and Newborn (#173B) are included with the dark skin version.

    Alternate Part Number(s): 1377, 1377B, 110-1377, 110-1377B

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