Simulaids SMART STAT Baby Advanced w/iPAD

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Patient Simulator for ALS Training
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Simulaids SMART STAT Baby Advanced w/iPAD
Manikin & Stand
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STAT Baby Advanced with iPAD®. This ALS manikin has the same features of the STAT Baby, plus it incorporates easy-to-use iPad®* technology. This addition allows the instructor control of the physiological features of theSTAT baby to arrange for challenging training which will develop student assessment skills. The instructor also has the ability to track sessions for later review and debriefing. Important functions like managing student information, easily creating alternate scenarios or using those already existing, and efficient records management of the training, are all managed through an easy iPad®* interface. In this way it satisfies every training need for post-neonatal care of pediatric patients, such as introducing students to basic concepts or challenging medical staff in advance medical procedures. This affordable trainer can augment your training budget with low-cost replacement items in those areas where repetitive, perfect practice, makes perfect skill achievement.

Includes the following standard features of the STAT Baby:
•7 pulse points
•I/O leg
•3 IV sites
•PICC access site
•IM/SQ injection sites
•Advanced intubation head with tongue edema and laryngospasm
•Pneumothorax reduction bilaterally
•4-lead monitoring
•Chest tube insertion(left side only)
•Rectal medication
•Urinary catheterization
•Very lifelike new skin material
•Replacement parts
•Accepts LMA, ET, OPA, NPA, and LT airways

Plus...also includes these additional features:
•Sternal retraction
•Fully enclosed crib with waterproof surface
•6 ft. tether assembly so that the baby can be handled
•Aneroid blood pressure cuff
•Heart sounds
•Lung sounds
•Voice sounds
•Spontaneous breathing

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