Simulaids Moulage for Manikins Book

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Simulaids Moulage for Manikins Book (2nd Edition). A must have for making your manikins come alive! This book is a marvelous collection of "recipes" created specifically for healthcare education. Moulage for Manikins was developed by Jeanne Cleary (MA, RN) and Kaaren Harris (RN, CCRN Alum, M Ed), who are simulation instructors at Ridgewater College. Some of the unique and creative concoctions include a scratch of "flesh", a clot of "blood", and an ooze of choice "bodily fluids". Rounding out the tome are color photos of the recipes, an area on each page for notes and comments, and tool kit ideas for stocking your own simulation "kitchen". Whether you have a moulage kit or not, this book is a perfect adjunct to give your triage training a touch of tangibility!

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